How to get warm clothes【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Obtaining method

Four streets are known.

Tell the old man the precise recipe of “Spicy hot spring seafood”
Before clearing the main challenge “closed terrace”, you can make “spicy spicy mountain grill” and talk to the old man and give it over.
It can be made from Kemono meat (or chicken), Hyrule Bath and Pokapoka Grass Fruit. See the cooking page for how to cook.
There is an old man ‘s diary in the hut which is in the south position from “the temple of the hour”, and the hint of the corresponding recipe is written.

Get on the snowy mountain top

When going to the summit of Mount Hiria, the old man gives up.
Take some torches with torches and body warming and do not climb if you proceed while pleasing with the cold.

Get it at the hut

After getting parasail, in the hut with the diary is put as a gift from the old man.
To purchase

You can buy it at “Hateno Village” in the east of the Ha Terr district (80 rupees).

Carrying the big sword of the flame (extra edition)

Even just shouldering on the back will get cold. Also, you can melt treasure boxes and monsters just by getting close to icy ice.

Do not reduce the durability value of weapons, eliminate the use of flint, firewood, fire arrows.

important point

This clothes will remain at the lowest value of defense power 1, and strengthening by the fairy can not be done.

Also, with this one-piece (partly) alone, we can not bear the cold in other specific areas such as the Nehru Mountains and Havelu Mountain Ranges. In such areas, furthermore, the Lito armor with the anti-cold effect for the head or lower body is needed.

Rito armor can be purchased in the Hiba region · Rito village. The price will be 1,000 · 500 · 550 rupees, from the top for each part.

【Breath of the Wild Commentary】 How to get warm clothes!


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