How to Increase Heart & Tennis【The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild】


『About Heart and Tennis』

In this work, “Kanbari gauge (stamina)” is an important status besides the heart.

The hard work gauge is quite important because it consumes dash and climbing walls, etc.

To increase these two statuses, you need to obtain a vessel.

Heart’s vessel

Only those who have overcome the trial can be obtained
Very valuable
The maximum number of hearts increases by 1

Perseverance vessel

By overcoming the challenge
New strengths to be worn
The upper limit of the hard work gauge increases

How to obtain a vessel

Both vessels can be increased by collecting 4 “proof of conquest” that can be obtained by clearing the “shrine of trial”.

After gathering four testimonies, you can obtain your favorite vessel by looking at the statue of the statue in “the temple of the temple at the beginning” and the statue of the goddess in each village and town.

Since there is no difference in any place, let’s increase it in the nearest place.

In addition, you can get one “Heart noodle” only after releasing the god beast. Because there are 4 in all, 4 hearts increase.

In addition, we will start the main control unit without taking vessels and reappear near the warp point after exiting from the dungeon.

Since you can not collect containers if you changed the heart with the following equipment exchanges, please open the frame with re-exchanging and go again.

『Maximum value 』

Since the gauge gauge can increase the gauge 2 laps more, the proof becomes MAX with 40 pieces.

The remaining 80 proofs can be hearted and hearts will be increased by 20.

About exchange of equipment

Mini challenge in Hateno Village After clearing the “operator of equipment”, you can exchange instruments at a real rate of 20 rupees.

About Master Sword

“Master Sword” can be obtained at the end of the story, but 13 hearts are needed at that time.

In such a case, it is also possible to temporarily increase the heart by exchanging vessels, returning it to original if you obtain a sword.

Let’s increase the heart and the balance in a balanced manner in the process of progressing the main part.


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