How to obtain refractory clothing (catch snowflake!)【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


What is refractory clothing?

Fireproof clothing has three parts: “helmet”, “armor”, “shoes”.
You can prevent flame damage caused by being in this volcanic area with “armor” alone.
The set bonus after reinforcement is “fire ineffective”, but it is not put in the lava. It will be advantageous for mug lockdown.
There are two ways to obtain refractory clothing, either by obtaining a clear reward for a mini challenge or buying it at a considerably high price at a clothing store in Goron City.

Mini Challenge “Capture the Lady Shoot Bear!”

You can get it by clearing it if you are asking for mini challenge “Hikeshito you are caught!” From the father of South mining site in the way to Goron City in the Old Dynasty.

Request that we want you to capture “Hikeshito x 10”
You can get ‘armor’ with clear reward.

Until the south mining site, you can buy from women who are outside of the horse inn in Sanpei, let’s go after purchasing a burning medicine.

Obtaining method

Attack and knock down before being noticed with a bow
You can get it by lifting the rock
You can take it even if you run and catch up
It will be easier if you equip sneaky equipment in several places

Place of acquisition

There are a number of minutes that can be cleared at the South Excavation Area, so let’s concentrate on it

There are also a number of people on the way to mining from the Tower of Ordin.
Basically when you come across the road

Purchased at clothing store in Goron City

You can purchase equipment with fire-resistant bonus effect at clothing store inside Goron City
The price is shoes 700 rupees Armor 600 rupees armor is 2000 rupees.


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