Master Sword Obtaining / Lost Forest【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


About Master Sword


Attack power: 30

Guardian type, Hyrule Castle, inside each goddess, attack power is doubled.

Even if the weapons pouch is full, the pouch capacity will be increased by 1 for the master sword dedicated.

To pull out, at least “13 hearts are necessary”

If you do overkill for a hard gauge, you can reorder (by 20 rupees per piece) by clearing the operator of the mini challenge vessel.

There is a durability value, and if you use it too much, you will not be able to use sleep for a while, but you will have special ability to be restored after 10 minutes.

Place of acquisition

“Hyrule great forest” west of Death Mountain. There is a “forest of distress” in this area.
For details on how to escape the wandering forest, see below (see below)
“Master sword” is stuck on that.

I was able to hear the conversation that it is in the “Lost Forest” on the eastern side from Rito village.

Forest of Lost


Master Sword Obtaining / Lost Forest【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】
Proceed along the road from “Trolley Forest” located west of Death Mountain and northeast from Hyral Castle.

We recommend that you first release the Seeker Tower “Forest Tower” in this area.

How to proceed in the wandering forest, how to escape

When you see the candlestick of fire, you can see that sparks are being blown by the wind.

It is better to go to this direction of wind (direction of sparks).

It is easy to understand if you adjust the camera to the overhead view (just above the link).

Initially I will chase the candlestick, but on the way, I get to the place where two candlesticks are lined up. As I have a torch beside it, equip it and hold it over the candlestick and give a fire.

Since the candlestick is gone, I will depend on the torch fire I got. Go ahead and check the direction of the sparks, and repeat.

If you get out of the route it will be wrapped in fog and it will be returned to the starting point.

It is no good even if it gets higher than a certain level (it is not good if you climb a tree too much).

When passing through the wandering forest, you will appear in the “Korog no Mori”.

If you do not have enough heart,

You can receive “Kogurokin” from the Korog in the forest of Korog.

There is a shrine of Kiyo · Wu near the pedestal of the master sword, and three shrines of three korogans etc. There is a proof of overcoming four, so you can increase the heart by one.

For one, let’s clear everything to pull out the master sword.

Click here for details

“First time maybe”
“Maybe not burning”
“The power of manipulation”


Even if you increase the heart by items. Let’s increase 13 hearts or more with four proofs of overcoming firmly.


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