Goron’s deep gut【Shrine Challenge 19|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Goron’s deep gut【Shrine Challenge 19】

Corresponding shrine: The shrine of Gu · Achito

Death gutted in the north of Death Mountain, Gw A · Aito ‘s shrine on the top
When I first came, Goron was at the entrance of the shrine and I could not enter the shrine, but as I listen to what I say, I will approve the link

Clear if you reach the summit within the time limit while picking up 20 rupees and picking up the rupee from the bottom of the guts.
Because there is a scaffold in some places it is relatively easy to clear if you increase the stamina recovery medicine or dish or somewhat increase the stamina gauge

After clearing, when you talk to Goron you can play mini games climbing de gut

Although the difficulty level is high, you can earn a high rupee if you climb up the cliffs well,
It is difficult if you do not prepare to arrange a complete set of equipment of the crime series, to prepare for a lot of hard work to recover the restoration item, considerably increase the gauge because there are few scaffoldings in the middle of the moss


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