Memory of 13 Utsushie【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Memory of 13 Utsushie

About Utsushie’s memory

Visit the location of 12 photos and revive your memory.

It’s not a priority main challenge, I can postpone it
You can receive hints of places from drawing in Kakariko village
In order to see the real ending you need to visit all places.
When you talk to Impa after finding 12 sheets, you will tell us the thirteenth Uttshee. The place is a swamp south of Kakariko village.

1 Because Hyrule Castle Guardian exists, attention
West Central Hailar of

2 Comoros Pond. The nearest is the Mausoleum of Mausoleum. Iwakuro comes out in the small island of Kojima (see the place for rice)

3 You can see the ruins from the horse inn in front of the Tabanta Ohashi on the Rutsu
Plain crossing the Tabanta Ohashi. Tina Kyoza’s shrine near you

4 Geld Region Caracalla Bazaar See comment

5 Odin Rural Godai Lake Nearest is the forest tower. The location is rice. Collog when you put two black stones in skimmer
It is easy to fly northeast from the tower of

6 Birch Plain Hills. Comment image reference

7 Rim Harvest Right Hiria River River Comment See picture

8 Hailar Castle In front of the Princess Zelda Princess

9 Ruins of the Kitakkale Plain “A spring of power” located almost in the west of Hikkakare Okkale district of Akkale district

10 Sardin Park Trace go to the north from the horse-dwelling off the southeastern plain of Satri mountain. Using the statue of a horse as a landmark.

11 Nerdora The place where I walked all the way along the mountain path of the mountain Ranelle on the snowy field.

12 Hailar Plain Area In the woods northeast of the bottomless swamp

13 Zam swamp in the south of Kakariko village is zoomed to the maximum and the character of the swamp of the Tamo swamp and the character of the Crocery Plain crossed with the vertical axis as the horizontal axis

All memory movie summary (12 sheets + 1 sheet)

[The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild] 12 Uzusie’s memories + 13 places


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