The secret of the three giants brothers【Shrine Challenge 15|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


The secret of the three giants brothers【Shrine Challenge 16】

Corresponding shrine: Tawa-Gin’s shrine

There are Hinox red, blue, black at three places in Kuhan pond, Kuenten pond, and Labela wetland area on the Terme mountain south of the Hateno tower in the Haitaru district

The Hinoxes are hanging balls that start the equipment from the neck, so either defeat Hinox or take the ball
Carry the map’s Kuhang Pond, Kuchen Pond and Lababela wetland to three places in the middle part of the triangle connected by three lines

Hinox red, blue can beat if it takes time from the hill to take a while, the problem is Hinox black of the Labela wetland.

Black Hinokx picks out the Bakdan barrel from anywhere and throws it, whilst the other two throw rocks over the ground (easy to avoid).
Since the Bakudan barrel has a scope and power, let’s fight with a weapon’s eyes shooting with a bow and arrow


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