Seven ways to efficiently earn Rupies 【Breath of the Wild】

Seven ways to efficiently earn Rupies 【Breath of the Wild】

This time we will introduce the 11 methods of making efficient rupees in the world of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

How to earn Rupies Part 1: “Iwakuro picking”

Subdue Iwaku to resurrect every red moon

It tastes good because it drops ore
Iwakuro at the beginning

The beginning of the plateau: the square between the frog pond and the spirit forest

Iwakuro (younger brother) in southern area

West Haitaru Region: the south side of the southern part of the twin mountain south

Iwa Rock of the maple peninsula

East Haitar region: a small lake on the maple peninsula
Iwakuro (brother)

East of Twin Mountain West, South Navi Lake (around the middle)

How to earn Rupies Part2: Sell ore

When you climb a mountain there is a lot of ores, and if you destroy it with a hammer or remote control Bakudan you get items.

If you hit it with a hammer, you will get sparks and flintstone and rock salt, depending on the province you get ruby, sapphire, topaz, etc. Also rarely find diamonds!

From the ore shining in the evening you can also get the sunlight stone, this will exchange 10 diamonds and 1 diamond at the village of Zora There are Zola tribe called Letogan

There is Iwaku in the field, and ore is obtained when you defeat it. However, care must be taken as ore is needed to finalize armor.

How to earn Rupies Part 3: Make money with Watley village bet

If you move quite a bit south of Hateno tower, there is a place called WaTory village along the coast.

There, you bet one of 10, 50, 100 rupees, you can play mini games that draw hits from three treasure boxes.

It costs 300 rupees per 100 rupees, making a difference of 200 rupees difference

Save this gaming mini game just last, and repeat the road if you go out, you lose no loss.

How to earn Rupies 4: Bird human contest

A bird human competition that wants to take a record to glide from the top of a hill tower

You can challenge if you pay 20 rupees. Flying over 600 m and getting 100 rupees it is quite efficient.

How to earn Rupies Part 5 “Snow ball drilling”

A snowball bowling mini game by the pond hut in the northeast of Hebra tower

Place here

 Eleven ways to efficiently earn Rs (money)Breath of the Wild】

When you take a strike, you will get a freeze rod the first time, 300 rupees from the second time.

One challenge fee is Rs. 20. You can earn it as soon as you get used to it.

How to earn Rupies Part 6 “Mini games climbing the cliff”

  • At the rugged cliff in the north of Death Mountain
  • Normally it will be 100 rupees or more
    Comment that you can make 500 rupees if you do well
  • Increase the hard work gauge or let’s have a restore dish
  • You can attach equipment of the crime series

How to earn Rupies Part 7 “Sell dishes”

Guts carrots are often obtained around the fairy fountain (Kakariko and Ichikara), around Satri mountain (cherry blossom trees and garbage dumps where the crow in front of the shrine hangs).

Stamina grilled wild vegetables made with 5 guts carrots can be sold at 430 rupees.

You can increase the upper limit of the gauge gauge, it can also be used to recover a horse.


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