Boss cheat|Hinoks【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

Boss cheat|Hinoks【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

Hinox’s no-deme criminal beginner’s way of going around

The three fearsome brothers! Capture Hinox!

Stal Hinox is too big for me


  • Attack eyes with a bow. Normal attack attacks after hitting a rice cake
  • When the physical strength cuts down by half, in order to hide the eyes with the hand, blow with a bow after fearing with a bomb
    If it is a weapon with high attack power to some extent it can be defeated by pushing.
  • Strike a little between the feet or wander a little behind the butt and induce a hip stamp, and then avoid regular attack attacks after avoiding it
  • At that time, if you are too close to your feet, you will be stepped on when you turn around, so be careful
  • Type with shin guard can burn guard
  • Since Stal Hinox is appearing only at night, let’s challenge after having fired a bonfire at night.
  • After going to bed at night, it will not move even if you go as it is, so it moves as you come back taking some distance.

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