The divine beast of the fire Va Rudania【Main Challenge10】


Until we go to Goron City

It is high temperature near Goron City, and if you go without taking measures, you will receive fire damage.
First we talked to Kate in the mountain foot at the foot of entrance to Death Mountain,
Let’s buy a burning medicine to prevent flame damage. (You can buy medicine as many times as you want)

As you prepare this and go into the mountains, there is a mining mining hill in the middle.

At the South mining site, you can receive an order for the mini challenge “Hikage Shiratoru!

If you clear this you can get equipment “fire resistant stone armor” that will not burn up.

Let’s go to Goron City with this equipment and medicine.

Goron City

It occurred when talking to Burdo in the back of the city.

Talk to Dorijan who is in front of the town’s north from the north of the town and you will find the destination of Yun Boo.

Let’s head to the destination while clearing enemies with a cannon in the road.

How to use a cannon, firstly bombard in the cannon and fire and detonate when it detonates.

Also, the direction can be changed by striking a lever, and it can fire even while the direction is changing.

When going to the custody in the back of the northern abandoned mine, the entrance to the cabinet is blocked with a red rock and it is in a state where it can not enter inside.

Put the Bakudan in the cannon in front of the cabinet and hit the lever and start the Bakudan at the timing when the cannon is facing the cabinet, you can destroy the rock.

When returning to Goron City and reporting to Burdo, you can receive “Medicine × 3 without burning” in return.

Next time you go to the Oldin Bridge, Yun Boo is attacked by two Lizarufos so let’s save.

After you save it, shoot the cannon, lower the bridge, cross the bridge and the event.

Death Mountain

Since a reconnaissance aircraft appears in the mountain, you will climb the mountain while climbing the eye of the reconnaissance plane.

The reconnaissance aircraft can hit a metal with magnets or defeat it with a bang. It would be better to throw a bang from the high rock near the reconnaissance plane.

If you exclude the reconnaissance aircraft in this way, I will call Yun Boo who has kept me waiting.ー
Please note that enemies are in the middle of the road and before the last battery.

There is a cannon on the way and if you attack the god beast Rudania with that cannon, you can damage it.

Three times this cannon attack will make Rudania escape into the crater and enter into Rudania.

Here is a strategy inside the V-Rudania of the God of Flames(攻略情報)

Goron City

Talking to Bulldog is the main challenge clear.

Weapons “Big Rock Crushing” is acquired from the treasure chest of the house of Burdo.


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