Wild trials【Shrine Challenge 37|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

Wild trials【Shrine Challenge 37|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

Wild trials【Shrine Challenge 37】

Wild trials|place

Wild trials【Shrine Challenge 37|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

Haitaru Region: Saipheno Island is located south east of the map and southeast of the Haitaru Bay

If you go to the east so that you go to the elevation from Wortree village in the east of the Firone region earlier, there is a Muo Giem’s ​​shrine, so let’s fly in the wind from the place and fly in para-sale
Let’s have a recovery medicine as the hard-working gauge runs out while flying when there are few hard-gauge gauges

Capture point

Wild trials【Shrine Challenge 37|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】

A trial begins if you step in any step on anything on the island of Sihateno

The weapon, equipments, items were forfeited and all naked consistently in the island with three balls in three islands in Saiteno Island There is a hard work called a mearo

Balls are placed in the Bokoblin tombstone, Hinox (blue) is lowering from the neck, Bokoblin and Molybullin residence, none can fight
The enemies not only Bokoburin and Hinox, but also octa when going to the sea and the forest, firey tutu in the woods, trying to burn the links of every tree around them, there are also Thunder Tutu on the cliff

Weapons and shields, bows and arrows, recovery items are complete survival, which must pick up the basically fallen things

However, because the seeker items such as the remote control Bakdan, Vitarock, Magna catch etc have not been forfeited, these are greatly active here

Since there is a box of iron on the coast, you can grab it with a magnecatching and if you do it, you can hit if it is about Bokoburin or octa (However, if too much hit is done, the box will be broken

Take the high mountain sander tutu and Bokoblin down in Bakudan while escaping, Molybullin attacks from Vitarock or Bakudan

A strong enemy Hinokosu (blue), but when he climbs up looking for a slightly high step, he will not be doing anything other than rock throwing easily, so take a while to spend time in banging down
Also, even if you do not knock down Hinokku, you can avoid battle by recovering the hanging hanging from the neck by landing or creeping on the stomach with parasail from the nearby cliff while sleeping.
Let’s make a strategy that fits yourself.

There is one pedestal in the sea to put the ball, but since there is a squid on the coast it can be used (the leaves of the kog will fall down appropriately when cutting the tree)
Even if you drop the ball into the water it will not disappear so you can push it close to pick it up at the base place

Besides this
Throw a jewel nearby → Make a column with an ice maker from directly under that → place a pearl on a pillar → jump over the pedestal with a bead on the pillar
You can also capture.

If a ball in the south east falls from the cliff, it will be very difficult to raise it on a cliff so be sure to set it on the pedestal without dropping it.
It is possible to raise the ball to the cliff using Vitarock, but it is quite difficult.

When dropping or losing a ball from a cliff, we recommend you choose to give up the challenge.

Because you can not save during the challenge and warp to other shrine is prohibited
I dropped the ball off the cliff, if I lost the ball it seems to be packed but by giving up the challenge
The position of the sphere may be reset.

In the case of giving up, the clear state of the portion where the ball has already been set is not reset
If you challenge again you can start with the following state.

As a way to give up the challenge, by leaving the island using the following method
You will be able to choose to give up.

· Leave the island with parasail (glider) to the outside from the highland of the island.
· Use rafts to get away from the island.

When it clears, a shrine of Kugu and Chidde appears


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