God of the thunder Vana Navoris【Main Challenge9】


City of Geld

Going to the chief’s room is an event.

Talk to the captain’s cheek in the barracks.

Calser valley

Many enemies attack in front of the cave, but you can ignore it.

When you enter the cave, pick up the torch, light a fire and light a black curtain, you will find a staircase to the side.

(If it is a small room of losing enemies, there are treasure boxes, so it seems better to examine everything once)

Eaga’s hideout

There are many guards in the hide.

A lot of enemies come out when you find it, and the enemy is strong enough to be killed instantly with a single blow if you hit the enemy’s attack.

So do not think about fighting and try to keep secret behavior anyway.

If you are defeated by the enemy’s attack after it is found, the means of resurrection (prayer of Hideyuki Mifa, fairy) will also be forcibly invalidated and the game will be over.

Tips for secret behavior

If you move so that you can not find it well, or if you are in front of the door,

Let’s go through the door while showing a little in the distance and letting the enemy issue “?” And checking it.

It seems that it does not respond to ordinary walking sound, but it seems to respond if it is a bigger sound like falling from above.

You can also attract enemies by placing bananas far away.

The larger the number of bananas, the longer the time it can be attracted.

It is a capture movie of the hide. We collect all the treasure boxes.

However, the jewels that are rolling in the third room watch are sleeping.

It is good to collect some people with courage after bothering with banana.

In the third room, enter the room where the enemy is standing in front of the door,
Open the hidden door with Magnet catch and go fighting and you will be fighting with Koga.

Coga Strategy

At first we stuck the barrier while sticking out the rocks.
Since the barrier is peeled off when hitting a rock, you can stop the action if you use a bow and arrow aiming at that time.

Then the overhead rock falls on the boss and becomes immovable for a while, so let’s attack that gap.

Behavior changes when HP becomes 2/3, and it will make two rocks appear at the same time.

As the rock goes around the boss, when the rock gets shot by the arrow when it comes over the head of the boss,

The rock falls on the head of the boss and makes it impossible to act for a certain period of time.

When HP becomes 1/3, I will start to throw a scallop iron ball.

Scallop ballball is damaged if it hits a boss by operating with a magnecatch.

City of Geld

Go to the rouge’s bed and talk to Rouge and an event.

Go up to the watch and event. You can get “Bakudan Arrow × 20”.

Fight against Navarris

Let’s prepare clothes of the hot sand series or items of the hinyari type as it will go to a hot place where we can not deal with ladies series clothes.

A circle is displayed around the rouge and it is protected from lightning only while it is inside.

While staying in the circle, if you destroy the four legs with the Bakudan arrows, you will be inside.

Here is the strategy inside the Van Navlis divine beast of thunder(攻略)

City of Geld

Going to the rouge is an event.

Obtain “Cloisonne’s Knife” and “Shippo no Shield” from the treasure chest behind.

When you examine the helmet of helicopter, a mini challenge “The helmet of god ‘s treasure trove of thunder!” Occurs.


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