The guide of Zelda【Main Challenge4】


Kakariko village

It occurred when visiting Imper and clearing it.

Proceed east and head towards the Ranale region.

Mount Ranel

Proceed east and head to Hateno village.

Hateno Village

There are many mini challenges and dust challenges, so it would be good to take orders.

Find the treasures of Mount Rainer!

  • The secret of Three Pillars
  • Operator of vessel
  • What a loved one wants
  • Young weapon mania

Hachio Ancient Institute

Simon, listen to the story of the plus.

Prepare “Torch” and depart. (There is also in the laboratory)

Go to your destination and carry the blue flame to the laboratory.

Because there is a candlestick in the road, let’s go while lighting.

Let it light on the candlestick beside the laboratory and talk to the plus.

Items “Utsie”, see the album, Hailar books feature added to the seeker stone.

Mini challenge release further force “,” Another researcher “occurred.

After clearing the “further release power”, when clearing the U.S. and Seacar Sensor,
You will be able to purchase pictorial book data with money. ⇒ Add shop picture shop


Kakariko village

It becomes clear when you talk to Impa.
To Uthsi ‘s memory.


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