Trial of an isolated island【Shrine Challenge 18|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Trial of an isolated island【Shrine Challenge 18】


Akkare region: Challenge begins on landing on a square island when looking at the map of Romei Island in the Akkare Sea

Capture point

  • It is good to have climber equipment, ancient arrows, Darukel’s protection.
  • Gauge is goal two laps, map is north fixed
  • Kill the walking guardian and climb up the wall in the middle of the six columns in the middle
  • In this case you need 2 gauge hard gauge (even if it is equipped with climber it is acceptable)
  • It is also possible to boost the hard-hitting gauge with cooking and climb it.
  • Go to the square large square where there are dust on the map (4 flying types are flying, the field of view is narrow), downstairs to the lower left of the plaza (southwest of the map) and descend towards the plaza and the stairs. Go ahead and score goals
  • There is no puzzle in the dust. When it comes out, the grid in front of you is open and you can get down
  • There are a lot of decayed guardians, one of which moves in a walking style.
  • When opening the treasure box, the fixed four bodies around it will start up and will simultaneously try to aim and move at the same time.
    Escape from a single sight If you use Darukel’s protection, you can annihilate up to three bodies
  • Additional notes
    There are royal swords etc in the maze.
    After receiving a blessing at the shrine of To Caro, there is a diamond headdress (upgrading ancient weapon resistance) when getting off the place where the wind is blowing out.
    By the way it is recommended to withdraw promptly for the launch of a number of guardians after obtaining treasure box.

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