The secret of Three Pillars【Shrine Challenge 20|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


The secret of Three Pillars【Shrine Challenge 20】


Occurred when speaking to Kleveia in Haeno village in Ranier region.

Capture point

It is on the other side that connects the three cedars in a straight line and advanced to the east (in the direction of the sea).

Because it is a pretty cold place, coldness can not be avoided just by warm clothes. Bring a spicy diet too

When going from the far right to the east of a three-sided cedar, it comes out to a place opened slightly where an ice pillar exists. From there further proceed east.

If you are going from Hateno village, you should proceed from the Urushi Pond through the valleys of Mount Madrona and Walnut

When you arrive at a place like a plaza, looking in the west direction (the direction of Three cedars), there are destructible walls.

When I break the entrance with Bakdan, there is a shrine in Turano ahead, clear.


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