About clearing【Main Challenge16】


Changes after clearing

★ is attached to the display at the time of save loading.
(It will be restarted from the situation before fighting in front of Rasubosu (Hailar castle · Honmaru front).)

There is time and temperature indication on the lower left of the map screen, but after completion it will show the percentage of achievement as% notation above it.

In the lower right of the adventure notebook, the challenge clear number such as “Hokkasho Challenge Clear” will also be displayed.

You can also purchase a copy of the boss that you missed in the add-on shop at Hateano’s ancient research laboratory.

In the Momono Shop you will be able to teach the number of the Iwarok system, Hinox system, Mordorazi killing each place.

If you subjugate all individuals, you can get medals.

Besides that, it seems that the boss name displayed at the beginning of the middle boss seems to be showing whether or not it has been cleared.

About true ending

By clearing the main challenge “Memory of Utsshi” and “Clear Ganon”, you can see the true ending.
(Movie flowing with true ending only after staff roll)


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