Ganon subjugation【Main Challenge15】


The beginning plateau

Occurred when clearing the closed terrace.

Hailar Castle

After battle with Kasuganon that is not cleared when entering Honmaru, battle with evil Ganon.

Miserable Ganon strategy

The battle begins after the attack event of the four gods. If the gods are liberating the gods, the gods will support it, and if you release all four gods, HP will be halved.

Attack pattern (100% to 50% based on the HP maximum value reduced by the priest)

Fire Sword Attack: Shake the sword and the fire pill runs. After the attack, ascending airflow occurs on the spot so parasail → sword penetration attack from the sky is possible.

Put out a tornado: I will use it after clinging to the wall. Avoidable by keeping running.

Shoot the laser gun: I will use it after clinging to the wall. Avoidable by keeping running.

Shoot a laser gun (Tame): I will use the same Tamebeam as the Guardian. It is good to dash laterally at the moment when it is fired.

Skip a lot of ice maker’s ice: Also cancel this with an ice maker or make ice shields with Vitalock.

Throw an ice spear: Avoid avoiding preliminary motion by dashing sideways.

Crush: Range attack. Do not stay around or beneath.
Lightning stroke after an iron stick comes down: Avoid stabbing. If you can afford, if you take an iron rod with Magna catch to Ganon, thunder strikes also to Ganon.

Attack Pattern (50% based on the HP maximum value reduced by the priest)
Ganon’s body glows orange and the attack here does not work.

If JustGuard succeeds, attacks will pass through to Ganon for a very short time.
(It will be easier to succeed the best guards most when attacking weapons of a small arm when descending)

People with difficulty with just guards are better off with a powerful attack with “Care of Darkel” with automatic counterattacks → “anger of British Urbosa”.

Hyrule plain

If you make HP of mischief Ganon 0, battle with demon Beast Ganon.

Magical Beast Ganon Strategy

A horse registered by me will come over. I ride this horse and fight against the devil gunnon.
(Since it does not work well in the boss if it is a horse with low degree of nourishment, it may be better to review horses before the boss)

Let’s pick up ‘light bow and arrow’ first when battle begins.

Equip a bow and arrow and let Ganon shine the glowing part of the body with arrows. (Arrows of equipment are not used)

If you attack as Zelda announces, you can give damage without difficulty.

After shooting all the parts except the head, using the ascending air current that can be done after the fire breath of Ganon,

It will be clear if you shoot through the eyeball that jumps over Ganon overhead and emerges from the forehead.

Once it is an ancient weapon, arrow, master sword sword beam, even the twilight bow will give damage as well but not recommended.


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