Trial of darkness【Shrine Challenge 17|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Trial of darkness【Shrine Challenge 17】


From the Hyrule Great Forest at the Deira Bran Archaeological Site on the north side

Capture point

  • The outside is surrounded by a bottomless pond. Since there is a bridge on the western side of the ruins, we recommend that you capture from the point across the bridge.
  • The inside is literally dark and I can not see anything at all. It is good to have things that can handle fire, such as torches and fire rods. (Torches can be procured within ruins)
  • In the case of a fire rod, it is easy to understand because the fireball that flares faces the bird’s candlestick and bounces in the direction the birds face.
  • As far as I confirmed the Fire Rod there were two in the ruins
    If you go to the direction of the candlestick of the bird, you will hit the candlestick of the next bird, so repeat it to the place where the treasure chest or the shrine is.
  • In the case of the shrine route, there is a gimmick to set the ruins of the ruins on the ground. If you go to the shrine without knocking down because it is possessed by Hinokon which is nearby, take off the rope connecting the gem with a sword etc. and take it away.
  • If you defeat it, you can beat it safely if there is a bow and an arrow.
  • The shrine of Quito-Wai-Wai appears

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