The brave sword【Main Challenge14】


Hailar Great Forest – Lost Forest

Occurred when entering the “Forest of Lost” from the Hailar Great Forest, after reaching the forest of Korog, examining the master sword.

“Forest of Lost Future” will advance the place where the candlestick is located.

Since the candlestick disappears from the way, you can light the torch and go to the wind flower where you can go to the forest of Kolog.
(It is good to proceed while checking frequently the direction of the spark from the torch)


“Master Sword” can be obtained when pulling out the sword with 13 hearts.
(If the heart is not enough, use the statue in the Hateno village in the Ranier region,
It would be a good idea to convert your hardboard into heart-shaped bowls. (Mini Challenge “Operator of Instrument”))


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