Wind God Beast Va Meadow【Main Challenge11】


Village of Rito

Occurred when speaking to Kahn.

If you talk to Saki who is in the house next door, you can hear additional information.

Flight training ground

Talk to Teva in the hut.

While flying in the sky with parasail, the event will proceed if you clear the test which shoots five poses within 3 minutes.

I got a “falcon bow” from the treasure box. From Teva get “Bakudan Arrow × 20”.

When preparing for cold weather equipment and cooking and talking to Teva, we will go to Va Meadow.
(The cold weather equipment is sold to the village of Rito.If you have room, it will be useful in the future)

Fight against Va Meadow

Since there are four batteries, we will fly in the sky with parasail and break the turret with the Bakdan arrow.

I will attack with the laser like ancient weapons.

Since there is a sound to be launched after the sound called beepi, it will cause parasail at that timing,
Laser can be easily avoided when falling at a stroke.

Wind god beast Va · Meadow interior strategy is here(攻略)

Village of Rito

Talk to Caen and it will be the main challenge clear.

When you open the treasure box next to Caen, you get “Steller’s bow”.


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