Closed plateau【Main Challenge2】


The beginning tower

When getting off the tower it is an event with the old man.

Listen to the story of the old man.

Here is the strategy of the shrine of Ma · Ouine(攻略)

The beginning plateau

Open the map, select the beginning tower and warp.

If you raise the treasure box in the water near the shrine to land by using a magnecatch, you can get “Sukaku”. Another place has “opal”.

Tell the elderly how to use the telescope.

To the site of the temple in the east.

You can get “Sukaku” from the treasure box in the pond in the northwest from the ruins of the temple.

If you are attacked by the Guardian’s laser attack on the road it will be hit by a great deal of damage so let’s go on hiding.

Here is the strategy of the shrine of Ja · Bashiff(攻略)

The starting plateau (preparation for entering the snowy mountains)

In order to go to the next shrine, you can not go to the snowy mountain, so read the old man’s diary in the hut at the above place.

The clothes necessary for entering the snowy mountain “warm clothes” can not be handed down unless you give the old man a “spicy spicy mountain grill”, so you need to cook.

The recipe can be made with “Porkpoka Grass Fruit, Kemono Meat, Hyrule Bath”.

Or you can cook forcibly by cooking sharks of Pokapoka grass. You can get a cold weather climb if you climb the mountaintop of Snowy Mountain without tight clothes and talk to an old man.

Here is the shrine of the shrine of Wa – modai(攻略)
Here is the shrine of Tumi Inke’s shrine(攻略)

Temple of the Temple

If you get four “proof of conquest”, praying to the statue of the temple at the temple of the hour, you can increase “Heart’s vessel” or “Tanbun’s vessel”.

Climb up to the top of the roof of the temple, approaching an old man on the roof and an event. Obtain “Parasail”.


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