Utsushie’s memory【Main Challenge12】


Kakariko village

Occurred when clearing the signature of Zelda.

You can see the memorized movies that reminded me of going to the place of the picture on the album.

After watching somewhere in one movie, when you report to Impa you get armor “Bridejie’s clothing”.

  1. Hailar plain · Hailar castle front pond
  2. Hyrule Plain · Comoros Ikebishi
  3. Tabanta side of the frontier · Tina Kyoza’s shrine side
  4. Caracalla Bazaar
  5. On the Ordin canyon and hill
  6. Hyrule Hill, Mongya Tomah’s Shishi Pond
  7. Hill of Western Haitar · Adeya Konishi
  8. Hyrule Castle – Tallest tower in the West
  9. Oku Akkare · Higakkare Fountain in the west in the west
  10. Pond in Hyundai Plain, Mo · Latania
  11. Ranel Entrance East Exit
  12. Near the swamp of the east of the Hyrule Plain and bottomless

After discovering all 12 sheets

When you talk to the impa of Kakariko village with discovering the place of all 12 photos, you can tell the last picture.

Visit the last place and clear the main challenge.


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