Sneak in! Men’s forbidden city【Main Challenge8】


City of Geld

It will happen if you talk to Benjamin in the vicinity of the shrine in front of the town.

Return to Caracalla Bazaar, Men Merchant Robusta → Soldier Rounds to Patrol → Talk to a shop clerk Chouchu and listen to the information.

Talk to Vivian on the roof of the inn.

Observing your body → It is beautiful! Buy clothes at 600 rupees.

“Lady’s mask”, “lady’s clothing”, “lady’s pants” are available, “settlement guard” occurs in the set bonus.

In the city of Geld, you will be kicked out if you do not have ‘lady’s mask’ or ‘helmet of thunder’, ‘lady’s clothes’, ‘lady’s pants’ or ‘sandboots’.

Clear when entering the town of Geld in purchased costumes.


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