【Summary】SHRINE CHALLENGE|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

【Summary】SHRINE CHALLENGE|The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. On the red moon night
  2. Potential of manipulation
  3. A trial that lightning opens
  4. To the center of the spiral
  5. Landscape painting of Musashi-juku
  6. Looking for lushwood sake
  7. Poetry of the Bride Festival
  8. Is your brother a coward?
  9. A big tree of a big mountain
  10. Beyond the shadow
  11. He who restrains the wind by binding it
  12. I want to see a guardian!
  13. Compare to Gaman
  14. Disappear? A sandstorm
  15. The secret of the three giants brothers
  16. Swordsman who shut her mouth
  17. Trial of darkness
  18. Trial of an isolated island
  19. Goron’s deep gut
  20. The secret of Three Pillars
  21. Trial of the desert
  22. Look for a piece of a stone monument
  23. A pattern of cliffs
  24. Orochimakurai dragon
  25. Trial of cliff
  26. Legend of power spring
  27. Skull’s left eye
  28. Seven heroes
  29. Two spear beast
  30. The stolen jewel
  31. Cursed stone statue
  32. First time in a while
  33. Do not trouble on the flowers
  34. Two wheels
  35. Undefeated Queen
  36. Do not burn
  37. Wild trials
  38. Snow mountain diary
  39. Trial of thunder
  40. Find the treasures of Mount Rainer!
  41. The mystery of Rito’s poetry
  42. Rito’s brothers rock

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