What is the Legend of Zelda?【Breath of the Wild】

What is the Legend of Zelda?【Breath of the Wild】

“The Legend of Zelda” is a feature of the series

The “Legend of Zelda” series celebrating its 30th anniversary has been released so far.

Then, some people may be worried that they do not know the background of the game unless they play the previous work etc. But that is not a concern.

The thing to remember in the Legend of Zelda series is that it is an action game.

Helping “Princess Zelda” and defeating “Ganon” with the main character’s name “Link” set in “Hailar Kingdom”. That’s it.

I hope that the work so far has become a parallel world or another era and that the main character Link helps the Princess Zelda of Hyrule Kingdom be caught up by Ganondorf and it is structured to beat Ganondorf I will.


When the hero’s link wakes up, it is in a strange cave.

There is no memory.

When led by the beautiful women’s voice heard at that time, when I went outside the cave, there was a vast world spread .

basic operation

“The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” beginning with the opening.

Manipulate links, use items, fight against enemies, solve various mysteries and gimmicks.

There are few things that can be done at first, but things that can be gradually increased.

When you receive an attack from an enemy or fall from a high place, the life decreases, and when it gone, it dies.

AUTO save

Auto save is done at regular intervals during the game, and even if you die, you can restore it to its original place.

Hanging gauge

“Hanging gauge” is consumed when climbing a cliff, swimming, pushing heavy things.

With so-called stamina, decreasing as you continue to do these things, becoming tired and stuck after a while for zero.

Restore as soon as you are at rest.

Thanks to this “hard-hitting gauge”, for example, it is not enough to try to cross a mountain, even if you try to get off the cliff, you are exhausted on the way, so that the range of action is determined to a certain extent.

Weapons and armor are broken

What is distinctive in this work is that weapons and shields will be damaged if used to some extent.

If you fight a battle several times, it will be broken soon.

Therefore, when you defeat an enemy, you have to pick up the weapon used by the enemy, pick up what is falling in the field and make it a new weapon.

As we always need to refill weapons, it also motivates us to fight the small fish enemies in that area.

New tool

As soon as the story goes forward you get an item to capture the gimmick.

For example, you can emit a metal power to lift a metal object, or you can make a column by freezing water. Using these items, we will unlock the mechanisms in the dungeons located in various places.

“Physical fitness recovery & cooking”

Until now, if you cut grass with a sword or break a pot, you get recovery items and money, but you can not get it this time.

Recovery is done by eating food.

If there was an apple on the trees on the field, then it recovered.

If you hunt and defeat an animal you get meat, so you feel like eating it and recovering.

These ingredients can be recovered more efficiently by cooking.

“Climate and temperature are also affected”

Concepts of temperature and sound have also been introduced. A thermometer is displayed at the lower right, you can see the temperature you are feeling.

Even if it is too cold, life will diminish, even if it is too hot it is the same, so you have to be careful.

Sounds are more likely to be found when making large loud sounds, so you can use them as a guide to move slowly when enemies are visible.

“Open Air with High Freedom”

“Breath of the Wild” has introduced a mechanism called “open air”.

In the open world, there is no screen change even when entering the town.

I can walk where I can go.

You can touch anything.

The degree of freedom is high in comparison with the past series and the game so far.

If you think to go, you can go to the last boss (Ganon).

The order to capture the dungeon is not decided.

You can challenge anywhere.

Items necessary for strategy are almost available in the opening section.

If you do not know where to go, you can always check the current goal from the “adventure notebook” any time.

More degrees of freedom than imagined

If you have this item, can you do something like this? What I thought was mostly done.

There is a bonfire, for example, there are wood arrows at hand. When you approach the bonfire here, you can make a fire arrow by putting a fire at the tip of the arrow. I can do anything.

This mechanism was named “open air” because it is not just a open world but “anything you want to do is done, but that is connected to entertainment.”

Yes, it is almost possible to think that I should be able to do this kind of thing.

Therefore, it is fun just to walk around the vast field appropriately, to gather ingredients, to cook, and to immerse in the world.

To have a high degree of freedom, sometimes I do not know what to do.

The one I use from there is the seeker stone from the beginning. You can always see the map and you can mark the place you go next and you can set your pins as you like so you can use your telescope from the high place and attach the pins and pin yourself to make your own mark .

The Legend of Zelda is fun

This work is literally “anything you can do” the legend of Zelda. And it makes me realize that it is such an interesting thing that a character moves in his own way. I can not stop doing it if I think that it might be possible to do this kind of thing. There is something you want to do next to next, that is such a game.


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