How to increase the pouch【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Here I will show you how to increase “Porch” which is a hand-held space at 【Breath of the Wild】.

How to increase the pouch

Mini challenge to receive orders near Kakariko village in Ranier region: After clearing “important maracas”, you can extend the pouch by giving the fruit of the client to Bocklin of the client.

We can increase the “weapon” “bow” “shield” is a porch.

The number of times you can expand the pouch when you encountered depending on the progress of the story etc is decided, the place of encounter and the number of times are different.

If you are not looking for the next encounter place, let’s go to the next encounter place.

By the way, material pouches and cooking pouches will increase automatically as the number increases, but there is no way to increase the upper limit of cooking pouches right now.

First encounter

When you talk to Boklyn near Kakariko village, mini challenge “important maracas” occurs

Once you clear it you will be able to increase the pouch, and if you extend the two pouches it moves

Second encounter

Located near Wago-Kata’s shrine at Central Hyrule Riverside Ma Inn

3rd encounter

The immediate vicinity of Mori no Morijuku (border between Orudin region and Hyrule big forest)

There may be cases where you are in a different ullace, such as a horse-dwelling in a wetland instead of a horse inn in a forest.

Encounter 4th or later

I am in the forest of Kolog. The forest of Korog is located ahead of the forest of hesitation. See here for how to escape the wicked forest

Breath of the Wild part.85: Bocklin & Pouch added

Now, how to increase weapons pouch: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild The live play!

Pouch extension! Kakariko village place!


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