Summary of fairy fountain places【The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】


Main challenge “Fairy Fountain Search”

Kakariko village

Because there is a painting man looking for a fairy fountain called Canggis in Kakariko village acceptance of mission

There is a big mysterious plant as we go along the way behind Taro Nihi

Shoot mysterious plants with photographs → Show them to Canggis and achieve mission.

If you give 100 rupees with a mysterious plant, the fairy will appear and you will be able to make your clothes stronger by ✩

  • There is nothing to do with the main challenge, the fairy fountain
  • Huba region, from the tower of Tabanta South
  • Akkare district Quepola Nogoku, immediately to the right of the shrine of
  • Davi Shino
  • The horse god?

It has nothing to do with the main challenge, the fairy fountain

The fairy fountain is the place of the main challenge and the pattern of all four places.
100> 500> 1000> 10000 and necessary rupees increase.

Hegura region, from the tower of Tabanta south

I need 500 rupees for the Great Sidhe resurrection, but I was asked to give a quest to this fairy fountain at the Tabanta Ohashi Maja, and I get 500 rupees at that time
Located right in front of the shrine of Davi Shino, Quepola Northeast of Region Akkale
It needs 500 rupees to resurrect. (From comments)

It was necessary to have an offer of 1000 rupees that we confirmed, it may be 500 rupees if the major fairy of Tabanta’s Tonan is still not done

It seems that the first major fairy is 100, the next big fairy is 500, the next big fairy is increasing to 1000 rupees

From the town of Geld to the southwest, a fairy fountain in the shrine of Hawaii Kai

Fairy fountain

Like the fairy fountain, there is a “fairy” so if you catch it you can recover five hearts (used in auto) when there is no life.
You can catch it easily by crouching. (If you move closer to the seeker’s clothing, shinobi drugs, etc. without making a noise)

Hateno villan, mountain peak of Eponi mountain

There is a lake shaped like a heart broken, there is a fairy. If you have a fairy, you can resurrect with five hearts when you are killed.

The shrine of Myama Gana is nearest (a little far away)

The horse god?

Going down the road along the south from Phillone Prairie south-east, Takahara’s Musashi-juku (Khao Maka’s shrine) there is a Musou Bridge.
There is a god of a horse called Marlon in a place resembling a fairy fountain looking back at the end. If you ask Marlon you can revive the dead horse that you have registered

Whether we need something to revive is not yet verified

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